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Directed by Jeanne Lula Chauveau

Producer Marie Brillant
DOP Laetitia De Montalembert
AD Yohanne Bernard
AC Laurence Heintz
Gaffer Dorine Destcouches
Electrician Cyann Doun
Stylist Lucile Queru
MUA Anastasia Blasco
MUA Assistant Marie Dune
Set Designer Lise Lacoue-Labarthe
Photographer Nathalie Richard
Location Manager Mailys Itier

Mathilde Lin, Anne-Marie Boucher (Nanina),
Emma Chase, Kiki Devourdy, Saphire Teitscheid,Clara Quilichini

Special Thanks to
Incendie Films, Le Moulin Inattendu, RVZ, Full Motion, Arthur Avellano

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