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Jeanne Lula Chauveau is a photographer and director
who works on personal and commissioned projects.

After studying dance and graphic design she decides to put photography on the forefront. As a result of her fascination for bringing up the thematics of memories and sensations, she blurs the lines between dream and reality. Her interest in experimentation and analogical photography leads her to be constantly seeking for ways to modulate and assemble until creating a new perception; how to be meticulous while enjoying the unexpected. For she is sensitive to the expression of vulnerable intimacy and the poetic of motion, she puts the body in the centre of her work and offers a sensual writing where reality steps aside for imagination.


Kodak Shoot Film
CLASH Magazine
Make Nice
Fisheye Magazine
Flaunt Mag
Eyescape Magazine
Velvet Eyes
Yogurt Magazine
Pellicola Magazine
Les Inrocks


Best Music Video selection Manifestgalan 2023
TEMA! 2020
Best Music Video selection Manifestgalan 2018


Vue Mer, Bonheur Permanent, Paris
D'étoile à poussière, galerie Anne-Claire Simon, Paris
Bloom, galerie Chappe, Paris
Esthétiques croisées, galerie Simon&Roth, Paris

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